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Stockholm Forum 2015

Stockholm Forum 2015, June 24-July 4
2015-06-09 10:24:31
Stockholm Forum 2015 will be held between 24 June and 4 July in conjunction with the Political Fair Almedalen Week.

The Stockholm Forum 2015 is a part of "Political Lyceum" youth leadership program of Korea.

25 June:
“Recruiting and training competent young politicians”
- Jesper Lindholm, Youth League of the Social Democratic Party, Chairperson of Stockholm,
- Gunnila Carlsson, former member of parliament, former Minister of International Aid, vice chairperson of the Conservative Party, former member of European Parliament,
- Youth Green League, Standing Committee Member
- Youth Conservative League, Chairperson

26 June:
- Visit to Riksdag, Swedish Parliament,
- Visit to Coservative Party Group
- Visit to Social Democratic Party headquarter
- Visit to Center Party headquarter

27 June:
- Mission 1: Interview with Stockholm inhabitants
- Vasa Museum, Nobel Laureate banquet place

28 June:
- Transfer to Gotland with ferry
- Almedalen
- Speech, Anni Lööf, Center Party leader

29 June: Almedalen
- Mission 2: Interview with Gotland inhabitants and - Almedalen participants
- Speech, Stefan Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister, Social Democratic Party leader

30 June:
- Dialogue with Björn Jansson, Mayor of Gotland
- Almedalen
- Speech, Eva Busch Thor, Christian Democratic Party leader

1 July:
- Study visit to Social Democratic Party Gotland local office
- Study visit to Conservative Party Gotland local office - - - Ferry transfer to Västervik

2 July:
- Dialogue with local politician, Young-Mee Särneroth, Conservative Party board member
- Study visit to elderly house
- Bommersvik, Tage Erlander Villa
- Final discussion: “How to incubate good leaders”

If you need further information on the Stockholm Forum 2015, please contact info@scips.se.